Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Future: a whole new territory for insulting public officials

I'm offering here an opinion on an opinion. I promise not to go there very often.

While checking out last Sunday's diatribe against lightblueline, my eyes drifted left and found an opinion piece entitled "In disaster we'll be stuck with them." Now, I have to admit that I have not been reading the NP over any length of time, so I might have missed a whole series of insightful and thought-provoking editorials in the weeks before this.

So, this might have been an off day.

In this piece the author used the old third-grade playground argument, "you don't agree with me so you must be stupid," to criticize the majority of the City Council who voted to help the City become more aware of the potential local effects of global climate change.

Ironically he invoked the names of Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale as examples of true leaders. Of course if Humphrey and Mondale were in the Senate today, they would be joining with the Senate majority to call for the United States to step up and do its part to stop human induced climate change. Both of them would be firm supporters of the lightblueline effort. If they were around today they would somehow have become stupid too.

Apparently the author has exhausted his supply of current issues with which to insult City Council members, because he then moved to speculate on the future. He suggested that in any future emergency, the current City Council would fail to respond. By this he has opened up a whole new territory for speculative insults. He can imagine any number of future crises and then insult the City Council for not being able to respond to them.

He does like a couple City Council members, who are thus declared un-stupid. I'm sure they are really very pleased to know this.

At the end of the piece the author criticized the Mayor for being "thin skinned" about all the criticism she's received... mostly from him. I guess she is just supposed to stand there and take it.

There is a very good article on lightblueline in today's Daily Sound. You can find it on the web at DailySoundonline.com

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