Monday, August 6, 2007

Still a proud social scientist

The factual errors in yesterday's lead article in the News Press's Opinion section (Titled "The Thin Blue Line") were nearly continuous and often fatuous (a word I have new respect for, now that I've been forced to actually read the News Press). Lightblueline has requested, most politely, that the News Press give it equal space in next week's Opinion section to respond. So I will not discuss that particular article, (even though this blog is NOT connected to lightblueline) as the News Press likes it's opinion content to be exclusive.

In fact, it really does appear that the News Press pretty much has a monopoly on the opinions I've found there. I can't imagine finding opinions like these in the Daily Sound or the Independent. No, these are opinions authentically exclusive to the News Press. Why, sometimes it seems like they've been printed before anybody has even thought about them. If you want to read views like you've never seen in any magazine or newspaper before, the News Press Editorial section is your puppy.

The one thing the author did get right is that I am a social scientist. Damn proud of it too. Never ever claimed to be anything else. Just don't get where that particular point fits into any argument.

While lightblueline is waiting for the News Press to do the right thing (not, of course, holding our breath), I'll blog on about other issues surrounding lightblueline.

I did get an email from Dennis Ojima, who is a senior scholar at the Heinz Center in DC, saying they've found coastal valleys in Greenland that are below sea level and could suddenly flood when the sea level rises a few feet. More about that when the data are published.

I might admit here that my own opinions of the News Press's Editorial section are hardly exclusive.

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