Thursday, August 9, 2007

Non-profit organization caught red handed asking for support

The headlines were startling. This was an exclusive story only the News Press could handle. Their Opinion Editor had caught a Santa Barbara non-profit organization asking for donations on their website. Not just asking, they were “soliciting”. Nobody was exempt from this action. Children, old people, realtors: anybody could go to this page and be solicited for a donation.

Fortunately for the city of Santa Barbara, the News Press’s timely response has kept this practice from being copied by other non-profit organizations. Imagine a world where any non-profit organization might ask for money from the public to support its mission?

That was way too close.


Ignore them and they will go away said...

Dude, why do you give a shit about what the News-Less publishes?

All the attention only encourages them!

bruce caron said...

Good point...

It's just that the City Council went to bat for this art project, and we want them to know we are trying to reach out to all segments of the City... including the few who still read the News press.